Two ways to setup all Python versions in Docker image

I’m using Travis CI to run pywinrm tests for different Python versions but only Python 2.7 is used for development at my workstation. It would be nice if all those tests could be executed locally by me or by contributors, so I did some analysis and sharing my results here. Eventually it would be simple command like test that will build Docker image and run all tests. In most cases I’m prefer to use debian:jessie because it’s a base for a majority of official images; but here I will go with Ubuntu image.

On Virtual DOM, FRP, Hyperscript

In the late 2014 I decided to take a look at bleeding edge JavaScript frameworks. From time to time I’m hearing new buzzwords and maybe the most often was ReactJS, so I decided to take a short look on a few modern frameworks and libraries. It worth mention that one thing is really conserns we in ReactJS. It’s JSX - a mix of JavaScript and HTML, the new language. So, I was really happy to see a Hyperscript - nice JavaScript DSL for building HTML documents.

Summary of passed 2014 year

2014 year had passed and it would be nice to dump all things that I did that year. Major Very first year with 0 days usage of Windows No usage at home, no usage at work. For a long time I was very interested in Linux and Open Source. During my work in .NET ecosystem I have a strong feeling that Open Source libraries and tools fit best to my way of getting job done.